Brighter SP coming to Europe

Same price as current models.

Nintendo has confirmed to Eurogamer that the new backlit version of the Game Boy Advance SP is coming to Europe.

New Graphite and Pearl Blue versions of the handheld were released in the US on September 19, complete with backlit screens, and a Nintendo spokesperson informed us that: "All GBA SPs manufactured in the future will feature backlights, which makes for a brighter, clearer image.

"The SP's screen is now comparable to that of the GB Micro in terms of clarity and sharpness," he explained.

Earlier SPs are lit from the front and sides, but "Now the technology has come down in price enough for backlights to be affordable," according to Nintendo. So no, you won't have to hand over any more cash for the privilege.

Nintendo is planning to roll out the new SPs all over the world, but they're not offering a definite date for when the first batch will arrive in Europe - so keep your eyes peeled and your sunglasses on in the meantime.

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