Joint Task Force demo

Two missions.

Vivendi and Mithis' upcoming PC strategy title Joint Task Force, which adopts a more action-oriented stance (perhaps it's standing with a leg up on a stack of Die Hards), has thrown up a demo.

It's 446MB big, and you can download it from your local Internet.

According to the humans involved, the JTF demo features two missions. The first is set in Somalia and involves using infantry to commandeer vehicles and take over a port while protecting your medic, while the second thrusts you into the Columbian jungle and sounds a bit more involved.

According to the readme-briefing, you can call new units and supplies to the frontlines, including infantry, aircraft, light and heavy vehicles and mobile repair units, and must take advantage to smash up a local cartel.

The full game's due out this autumn. For videos, previews and whatnot, investigate our gamepage.

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