Tenchu sneaks up on PSP

Out next month.

SEGA's sneaking right up on us and thrusting a giant sword in our pocket next month - with Tenchu: Time of the Assassins on PSP, which has sprung from behind a development-shaped bush and presented itself for release on June 23rd.

Developed in partnership between K2 Studios (who did Tenchu: Fatal Shadows on PS2) and FromSoftware, Time of the Assassins is a fully featured Tenchu stealth-'em-up with enhanced versions of the old techniques and new kill moves, which even work on bosses this time.

Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and Tesshu all make it into the PSP version, which sports a big story mode as well as an unlockable 50-level "free mission" mode, and co-operative and head-to-head wireless modes. There's even a level editor and the facility to swap your creations using wireless too.

All good news for Tenchu fans then, and there must be some or we suppose they'd stop making them. If you're one, you might also want to check out the screenshots SEGA's released as you sit and wait for June 23 to sneak up and steal your money.

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