Lemmings for PSP

Suicide is painless. And portable.

More than 15 years after they first appeared on our screens, the world's most suicidal games characters are getting a new outing on PSP. You can see some screenshots here.

In case you don't know, the principle behind Lemmings is simple: get as many of the little fellas from one end of a level to the other as possible before the time runs out, and try not to let any of them die along the way.

Luckily they have a range of unique skills to help you out - Bombers can explode at will, Floaters can survive long falls, and Climbers can make their way up high obstacles. Then there are Bashers, which can dig tunnels, Blockers, which create obstacles to stop their fellow Lemmings from walking into certain death, and Builders, which can construct bridges over gaps and traps.

The PSP version features more than 100 levels, and new features include a level editor so you can design your own and save them to memory stick. And, using the PSP's wireless capability, you can also upload levels online and download others' designs directly to your handheld.

Lemmings PSP is due out at the end of the year.

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