Game Boy bomber arrested

Sadly nothing to do with Mega Man.

Congratulations are due for our yankee pals at GameSpot for not only spotting this curious report at about a boy arrested for filling a Game Boy with gunpowder, but managing to avoid resorting to "Game Boy is the BOMB" headlines and other pubescent witticisms. We suspect (well, we know) the author of the report is a Brit.

Anyway - what's all this about a Game Boy bomb? Well, according to the Houston Chronicle, a young lad at the local Livingston Junior High School was taken into police custody last Friday after his fellow students discovered he was lugging around a homemade Game Boy bomb.

According to the report the inventive youngster had hollowed out the Game Boy - hopefully not dispensing with the innards - before filling it with gunpowder. Like all master criminals however his vanity was his downfall - one of his mates quickly rang Crime Stoppers after he started boasting about it. He was promptly arrested on a school bus headed to a track meet.

The boy could now be charged with carrying a prohibited weapon into a school zone, which sort of begs the question: which weapons aren't prohibited in a school zone!?

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