Free Xbox Battlefield 2 content

Oh bomb all ye faithful.

EA has come over all benevolent, manoeuvring its twenty-billion-dollar frame down the Xbox chimney and festively depositing little parcels of war under the Downloadable Content Christmas tree.

In other words, it's released a free content pack for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox, featuring three new maps - including the remake of BF1942's Wake Island released in a PC update, along with Middle Eastern and snowy China landscapes - as well as new vehicles and arctic camouflage.

The new vehicles include an attack snowmobile with dual-mounted machineguns, as well as modified trucks and vans, and a RIB boat with four open positions.

EA reckons the pack's worth a good ten dollars, but doesn't seem to be that bothered about the cost for once, and will be making it available free to Modern Combat owners from today. Now buzz off and kill yourselves.

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