Sam Fisher in... Pin the caption on the screenshot!

Ubisoft sends over some Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory shots. They're very pretty, to get that out of the way, but we need your help working something out...

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a very pretty game. We know that. We saw it in May. And said it was pretty. Evidently we didn't use enough phrases like "material reflections" and "normal mapping" for Ubisoft's liking though, because the French publisher's UK reps decided to issue a bunch of Xbox screenshots this week complete with readymade captions for us to draw inspiration from. Insult! Dishonour!

We're just messing around of course, Ubifolks. You know we love you really. Not in a physical sense, obviously, but more in the way you'd love, I dunno, the postman. Or a hammer. Both are useful in the right circumstances, but with the power to hurt you through misdirection. Anyway, we like the captions. And we like the screenshots. What we're not entirely happy with is that we're having serious difficulty working out which caption corresponds to which screenshot!

So, for a bit of fun, we're going to leave it up to you to figure out. We reckon the second description refers to this shot, but the others could be any. Figure it out before Ubi demands we yank the news item and, well, you won't win anything, but you'll be our best readers ever. Screenshots are located here, or you can click these five individual links: A, B, C, D, E. Go.

Description 1: "Incredibly detailed work has gone into textures and lighting for this paved floor, the depth perception alone is very impressive."

Description 2: "Take note of the candle light reflection on the glass, and the detailed facial expression of the NPC."

Description 3: "All shadows are very smooth and give real authenticity to the environment in this spectacular display of light and shadow projection."

Description 4: "Volumetric water steam with real time light reflection."

Description 5: "Another impressive floor texturing, with normal mapping effects and detailed background."

(With apologies to Ubisoft's UK PR department, to all of whom we wish a very Merry Christmas.)

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