More Viva Piņata content


Rare has popped some more Viva Piņata accessories onto Xbox Live Marketplace, giving you the chance to dress up your piņata with hats borrowed from Mr Pants, or Grabbed by the Ghoulies' Baron von Ghoul or Ma Soupswill.

The three accessories total 90 Microsoft points' worth of content, apparently, which is GBP 0.77 / EUR 1.05 in our special made-up denominations, and follow on from the first accessory pack, which costs the same and does much the same. You can preview the items by taking a close look at the accompanying graphic on Marketplace.

Viva Piņata is out now in the US (and region-free), with a European release planned for 1st December. And we rather liked it, in case you hadn't noticed. Although one of my crocodiles buggered off last night, which was very disheartening.

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