Counter-Strike used to treat depression

Bind SPACE "Kill me now".

Danish scientists working at a psychiatric hospital in Aarhus have decided to use Counter-Strike as the basis for a project regarding long-term depression. According to the report on Ritzau (thanks Boomtown), senior doctor Paul Videbech is interested in using the game's 3D engine for testing patients' navigational and bunny-hopping skills in realistic environments [... -Ed].

The CS-based world, stripped of all its violent content (aww!), will be developed for the project by expert Christian GŁttler, who thinks that "the game engine that Counter-Strike is based upon is extremely good for modelling and visualising architecture compared to the alternatives on the market." Shit, Chris, you should see what they're working on now!

Meanwhile, rumours that C&C Generals is being used to simulate US military operations are thought to be wide of the mark. Like their cruise missiles.

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