Analysts speculate on DS price point

Sub-£100 price point puts new handheld at the low end of the market.

Nintendo's newly announced console is likely to cost under £100 (€148) at launch, according to an analyst estimate, while further details of the dual screen device's hardware configuration continue to emerge.

The pricing information, which was reported by news agency Bloomberg, is thought to be speculation rather than being based on inside information from Nintendo - but it's a fairly safe bet, given the low specification and "toy" concept behind the device.

If the system does arrive at under £100 (20,000 Yen in Japan), it will at least partially confirm Nintendo's assertion that the DS is not designed to compete with Sony's PlayStation Portable - which is set to be priced at over £200 when it launches.

Meanwhile, further details regarding the hardware have continued to emerge, with confirmation that the CPUs in the device will be supplied by British chip designer ARM, and that the screens in the device will be arranged vertically, rather than side by side. It's also been reported widely that the DS will be playable on Nintendo's stand at E3.

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