Brothers In Arms Wii slips

Dark Messiah 360 likewise.

Ubisoft's latest release schedule reveals that Brothers In Arms for Wii has slipped a month from 19th October to 23rd November.

No reason was offered, even when we interrogated the laptop using a wet tea towel and a shouty voice, but we expect it's because of snakes.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements has also gone for a walk down the schedule, also materialising on 23rd November. It hadn't been on Ubi's schedule for a while - the last we heard of it was in a June mailout listing September. Magic!

Elsewhere, beady eyes, or those bored by a lack of things to do in a German press room because someone didn't turn up for their interview, will pick out the fact that CSI titles for PS2, 360 and PC all slip a fortnight to 28th September, while Blazing Angels 2 for 360 is now down for 7th September, having overshot its target for a week and had to circle back round to complete the paragraph with another crap metaphor. Bombs away etc.

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