Call of Duty 2: first screens

Three new hi-res images from the wartime shooter. Jolly good show.

The sequel to 2003's award-winning PC shooter Call of Duty is marching our way this autumn, and judging by some newly-released screenshots it's coming along very nicely indeed.

Like its predecessor, Call of Duty 2 is set during World War II and puts the emphasis on intense, realistic action. A new proprietary engine is being used along with advanced A.I. technology, and you can expect greatly improved visuals to boot.

Their are four different characters to play as, each with their own storylines, and missions take place in locations around the globe such as Russia and North Africa. Squads can now take on a variety of mission objectives and follow multiple paths through levels.

Activision is expected to reveal more of Call of Duty 2 at E3, so we'll bring you more info in May.

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