Alone in the Dark on PS3

The next-gen nightmare.

We got one once. From a bloke wearing a trenchcoat. He reached in and pulled out a dirty great envelope and thumbed out some notes. Then, when we didn't get back to him, he said he'd send "Jimmy" to "teach us a lesson". We were so scared. And then [yes, yes, "a loan in the dark", very good - Ed].

Hoo boy. Anyway, in news that cannot be brilliant for literal reasons, Atari is making an Alone in the Dark game for PlayStation 3. There are no further details at this point.

We probably should have spread that a bit thinner, really. It's paragraph three and there's nothing else to say, and the first was just nonsense anyway.

[Picks at the tongue of his shoe] Sony announced it, by the way. At TGS. That's the "Tokyo Game Show". Neither company showed anything though, or said anything.

Uuuuuhm... Uwe Boll probably won't be happy. Recently the not-so-popular film director complained that the bastards at Atari didn't support the release of his AitD film (starring Christian Slater) with the release of a new game. Well, he didn't call them bastards, but he probably thinks they are. (If they'd seen House of the Dead and decided to cut their losses though, we'd see their point.)

So, yeah. Alone in the Dark. From what we remember, it's a scary game that used to be good on the PC, and there was an underwhelming console version at some point for PlayStation and Dreamcast.

We've no idea what the PS3 version will be like, but going on what everyone else is doing with next-gen we're guessing it'll have 4,000 enemies on-screen at once and the darkness will be rendered using every special effect ever invented including that one that makes torch-beams look like circles of sandy Vaseline pasted on the walls.

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