Jak franchise 'will continue on'

Naughty Dog confirms that Jak 3 is the last in a trilogy, but has no intention of giving up on the Jak universe, with sequels and possibly even spin-offs on the horizon.

Jak 3 may be the concluding part of a trilogy, but Naughty Dog has no plans to ditch the Jak & Daxter franchise and may produce more games set in the same universe, representatives told Eurogamer last week.

"We're always thinking of ideas and we have more ideas that we possibly have time to implement," Naughty Dog game director Evan Wells said during an E3 presentation, "and we want to answer a few of the questions that people might have been asking since the early games..."

"The franchise will continue on and there may be more games in the [Jak] universe," he added, and he was quick to point out, somewhat jokingly, that Naughty Dog has no plans to kill off its titular hero or his sharp-tongued sidekick. In other words, while this is the end of one of their stories, there may be more of the platforming duo to come.

What form the new Jak games will take still remains to be seen, but we did ask whether they might focus on secondary characters, perhaps some of those seen in Jak 3. "It should be possible," fellow game director Amy Hennig told us. "I think there's a lot of strong characters."

Jak 3 is on track for release later this year, and we'll have more on the game including full impressions and details from the Naughty Dog presentation very soon.

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