Geist finally goes gold

Cube shooter complete at last.

n-Space has finally finished work on GameCube first-person shooter Geist, according to a posting on the developer's official website.

Apparently the game went gold on July 8, and is slated to appear in US stores next month. A European release is currently planned for October.

As you'll know if you read our first impressions of the game, Geist puts you in the role of a federal agent whose soul has become separated from his body by a crazy billionaire. For some reason.

Now our hero must wander the halls of a mysterious research facility as a ghost, taking spiritual possession of everything from humans and animals to items of furniture in a bid to defeat his tormentor and reunite his soul and body. Somehow.

We're looking forward to seeing how it's all been put together, as we have been for some considerable time now - Geist was initially due to launch last Christmas but there's been a seemingly endless series of delays. Not long now, though...

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