UMD doing great, honest - Sony

Maguire backs PSP movie format.

If the bell's tolling for UMD then Sony UK boss Ray Maguire hasn't heard it, because he reckons the PlayStation Portable's maligned movie format is ace, and doing well.

Speaking to MCV, Maguire said the company was "pretty pleased with UMD", which has "a fantastic attachment ratio".

The problem, he says, is one of procuring appropriate content. "When we put shorts on UMD they sell really well, and that's related to PSP usage. It's about getting the offer right, and we will do that," he said.

Maguire and co. have always been bullish about UMD, but some of its content and retail partners have been less impressed - the general consensus being that they sell modestly on their own, only doing well as part of cross-promotions.

Indeed, for all Maguire's bluster about finding the right content, Sony itself seemed to agree with that - back in February at least. At a time when Hollywood trade paper Variety reported that movie studios were reconsidering their UMD offerings, Sony told us that it was "looking at new ways to cross-promote future titles".

So what do you lot reckon? Do you buy UMD movies?

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