Call of Duty 3 dated

On 360, PS2, Wii and PS3.

Activision has announced UK release dates for Call of Duty 3.

The Xbox 360 version will be arrive in stores on 10th November, the publisher says, while the PlayStation 2 version is due out on 24th November.

Interestingly, Activision is quoting 1st December for the Nintendo Wii version, although the console itself isn't due out in Europe until 8th December.

As for the PlayStation 3 version, that's going to follow along with the console next March (or, you know, whenever).

Call of Duty 3, of course, is being developed by Treyarch and aims to combine more of the series' historical accuracy and reverence for the subject matter with its similarly trademark cinematic intensity. You can read more about how the developer's bringing these apparently conflicting elements together in our recent hands-on with the game.

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