Maelstrom demo

Two-mission RTS sample.

KDV Games (aka K-D Lab) has released a 434MB multi-language demo of its upcoming science-fiction strategy title Maelstrom, due to be published by Codemasters on PC later this year.

The demo consists of a pair of levels, which will help introduce you to some of the game's post-apocalyptic factions - the low-tech Remnants, the high-tech Ascension and the bio-engineered Hai-Genti trying to take over the planet.

The full game's due out in Q3, and if you're trying to put your finger on something it's probably that K-D Lab previously collaborated with Codemasters on the well-reviewed World War II title Perimeter.

For more on Maelstrom, check out the trailer on EGTV or, if your PC's more Remnant than Ascension, you can absorb some screenshots instead.

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