Interview with a Made Man

Gangster epic on show this week.

For a while back there it looked as if Interview With a Made Man might never get, well, made, what with developer Acclaim going under, but now not only is the game back on track and confirmed for PC, PS2 and Xbox - it's also about to get a world premiere at E3.

You can see some screenshots here.

IWAMM is a third-person action-adventure that follows the rise of a young mobster through the ranks of the mafia, on a journey that takes him from the mean streets of New York's Little Italy to the even meaner jungles of Vietnam.

It's based around a storyline by renowned Mafia expert and best-selling author David Fisher, and is being developed in co-operation with actual real-life mobster - or rather, ex-mobster - Bill Bonnano, one-time head of the notorious Bonnano crime family.

The game is now being developed by Silverback Studios, which was founded by former members of Acclaim's Manchester studio. Silverback has yet to find a publisher, but studio head Jon Oldham reckons they'll be lining up around the block once they see what's on offer.

"E3 will give us a chance to finally show the potential of this brilliant game to publishers," he says. "Everyone on the team has absolute belief in its viability as a stunning title and that so many people have worked so hard to get the project going again is indicative of the quality of the game.

We'll bring you more as E3 gets underway.


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