Mercury transitions to PS2

Remixed version out this year.

Excellent PSP game Mercury is to make the transition to PlayStation 2 this winter, Atari and Ignition Entertainment announced today (probably without thinking very hard about the timing).

Mercury Meltdown Remix it'll be called, and it sounds like an expanded version of the PSP sequel - in fact, you could probably grasp that from the title.

Like Meltdown PSP, it'll involve manoeuvring a blob of liquid metal around mazes suspended in the air, by tilting them, with your mercury blob going through four varying states - normal, solid, fast and slow.

Unlike the PSP version however, you'll be able to use both analogue sticks for control (perhaps one handles the camera), and there'll be some 200-plus levels thanks to two new "labs" (level hubs).

We're also promised "State of the art blob physics" in addition to bonus features to unlock and presumably the mini-games that have been added to the PSP sequel.

For more on that version, check out our extensive preview and first impressions.

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