Tomb Raider 7 to be unveiled this autumn

It's due out before next June, and from what we've heard it's shaping up to be a lot better than previous sequels.

Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider game "will be unveiled this autumn and is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of the current financial year," Eidos told the City today, as insiders claimed that the version they had seen was a lot more responsive and closer to the series' original ideology than previous sequels.

Apparently the new look Lara Croft, redeveloped by Crystal Dynamics after UK-based Core Design's Angel of Darkness title was so poorly received, is no long hamstrung by the 'turning circle' that afflicted previous Laras, and is a lot less fiddly in general.

We were also told that Lara's generally a lot more responsive and athletic when you get your hands on her, prancing about, grabbing onto things and swinging around with consummate ease. We hadn't been particularly convinced by executives' claims that the game is making "exciting progress", but the consensus is starting to pique our interest.

With Tomb Raider 7 now set to be unveiled within the next few months, and set to make its playable debut at E3 next May as Eidos tries to get the game out before the end of June - the end of its financial year - it shouldn't be too long before we get to put their claims to the test.

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