SpyHunter 2 speeds off to manufacturing

Alec is his name. Sects is his... surname.

SpyHunter 2 has gone gold! That's right, Xbox and PS2 owners will be soon be able to take Alec Sects and his super-sophisticated spy vehicle up against the new terrorist threat that is Nostra, across 16 levels in four regions - Russia, New Orleans, the Swiss Alps and Southeast Asia. Alec's G-8155 Interceptor is now capable of transforming into a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, a snow mobile and a jet ski. Also joining Monsieur Sects is "a new mysterious, sexy female agent", brought in to "increase the intensity of SpyHunter 2's fast-paced action". Vroom vroom, Alec. We expect SpyHunter 2 to ship over this way just before Christmas.

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