Lode Runner returns

DS version this October.

Having already pledged TurboGrafx games to Nintendo's Virtual Console system, Hudson's planning to dip into another area of its back-catalogue with the October 26th release of Lode Runner for Nintendo DS in Japan.

Announced in Famitsu (translated by IGN), a quickie preview reveals that the DS game will feature updated visuals and new modes of play, including a puzzle mode that does away with enemies and time-limit.

Adding to the suggestion that it's more than a mere update, Famitsu also claims that the DS title will include other Lode Runner titles like Championship Lode Runner, while IGN infers from early screenshots that the action will take place on the touch-screen with a full-level overview on the top-screen.

That's about it for now, but if you're curious you can try and discern a few more details - and see some itty bitty screenshots - on the game's official Japanese website.

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