Valve plans CS Source shake-up

'Fairly significant ramifications'.

Still not done sneaking around offices and dust-bowls tutting at people who don't run with the knife? Then Valve has some good news for you: it's nowhere near done with its support for Counter-Strike: Source.

In fact it's planning a series of updates, "focused on moving the core Counter-Strike gameplay forward", kicking off in about two weeks with an HDR-lit version of bomb-chasing favourite Train and a reworked radar system.


The new version of Train (pictured) will also include a few minor layout changes and bug-fixes, but it's the radar system which will have the most bearing on how Counter-Strike: Source plays out, apparently.

"One example," Valve offers, will have it so that, "when you look directly at an enemy for a long enough time for their name to appear on your screen, everyone on your team will be able to see that enemy in the radar."

Look for that in about a fortnight's time, with more updates to follow. We'll keep you abreast of them, natch.

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