Gamma Pack 3 for WipEout Pure

More US downloadables.

Those evil black-hearted hateful importing sonsofbitches we keep hearing about on the news were given cause to celebrate again today as Sony America released another Gamma Pack of downloadable content for the US version of WipEout Pure.

The new pack, the third Sony's released so far, features another new ship for the futuristic racer, brilliantly dubbed the "Van Uber", as well as a new track called Sebenco Peak that's set in the mountains and, finally, a new skin for the Feisar Team.

What's particularly handy about this release is that it completes the Gamma set, unlocking the Gamma Tournament and an overall 12-track tournament called Descension, which reverses the Ascension tournament track order (clever, clever) and chucks in the Gamma tracks here and there.

As you may remember, downloading content for WipEout Pure on the PSP involves going online through a wireless hotspot or router and choosing the downloadable content menu option. It's also possible to do direct by going to the WipEout Pure website on a PC, downloading from there and using a USB cable to transfer the contents direct to the PSP using the console's "USB Connection" option.

More downloadable content is expected in the coming months, according to IGN, with a pack of classic tracks expected as soon as next month.

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