A Few Good G-Men

Movie gets HL2 makeover.

Ever thought what a good idea it would be to remake a scene from classic military flick A Few Good Men as if it was actually a scene in Half-Life 2?

No, we haven't either. But a Mr R. Glass of Seattle not only considered this possibility, but went so far as to spend two months of his life making it a reality - and now you can watch the results.

A Few Good G-Men takes the voices of Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise, gives them to new characters and resets the scene in a HL2-style courtroom, essentially. It's all rather nicely done, if a little pointless.

But we're excited by the prospect of future game-movie hybrids, however... How about Sam Fisher as Mahoney in Police Academy? Or Master Chief in Kindergarten Cop? Or Chun Li and Nina Williams in something where girls kiss in it? The possibilities are endless...

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