Assault Heroes goes Live

Up there now.

As promised, Xbox Live Arcade fans can now get their mitty little grubs on this week's shoot-'em-up spectaculaaaar, Assault Heroes.

800 Microsoft points is what it will cost you, and it's a 47MB download for either the trial version of the full game.

Assault Heroes is billed as "the ultimate arcade shooter" (we'll see etc.), and supports one or two players working their way around and calling on vehicles like a heavily armed 4x4 and speedboat to dispense with choppers, tanks and so on.

Naturally the game supports online co-op play, as well as the usual array of leaderboards, and harbours the typical 12 achievements for a total of 200 gamerpoints.

Look out for a review in the coming days, then, and be sure to let everyone know what you make of it further down the page.

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