Ultima merchant goes pro

Another example of the BBC's obsession with reselling intangible MMORPG goods, anyone?

MMORPG fan Julian Dibbell is carving a new life for himself out of the online market for cash, weapons, armour, homes and other artefacts found in Ultima Online, BBC News Online reports this week. Apparently Julian set himself a goal of earning $1000 in three weeks, and having scraped it by a hair's breadth, he's now planning to support his wife and child by playing UO and flogging its wares.

As many of you will know, there is a huge market for MMORPG items resold on auction sites. In fact, if you read the BBC website regularly, you'd have to be blind not to have seen one of the many items they've run on the subject. We weren't looking all that hard, and we found six. Here, here, here, here, here and of course here. It makes us feel good about paying over 100 a year on a licence fee. How about you?

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