Wii straps quietly fixed?

Maybe. Nintendo stays quiet.

Reports from magical lands off beyond the seas suggest that Nintendo has quietly upgraded the flimsy Wii remote strap without telling anyone.

Photographs have emerged comparing the cord that attaches the wrist-strap to the base of the Wii-mote sold in the US/Japan with one sold in the Australian market - with the latter noticeably thicker.

Nintendo UK declined to comment on the photograph. "We are evaluating the wrist strap to determine how to minimise the risk of breakage when a player lets go of their controller during enthusiastic gameplay," a spokesperson told us. TRY SWAPPING IT FOR A FAT ONE.

As for Europe, it's anecdotal, but neither of my Wii remotes has the thicker strap, despite my being a fat-handed dork prone losing his grip who could've done with one.

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