SimBin prepares to RACE

PC game due out next month.

Swedish racing simulation geniuses SimBin are preparing to deliver a brand new touring car game for the PC next month, with a bit of help from UK publisher Eidos. They'll be doing the publishing, obviously.

Simply called RACE - The Official WTCC Game, it's got all the right licences for the complete 2006 WTCC championship season 2006, with all the right cars (over 60) and drivers, 10 officially licensed tracks, and difficulty levels that should cater to everyone from the beginner to the hardcore simulation guru.

SimBin's reputation is for intense realism, and that seems to be the plan here, with a highly detailed damage system promised, realistic AI opposition that adopts a "sprint race attitude", dynamic weather systems adding to the sense of environmental realism, and 26-player online support, which sounds pretty ace.

What's more, it's out on 24th November, so there's virtually no time to wait. You can check out some screenshots elsewhere on the site, with a detailed official website there to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

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