Prince of Persia returns to PSP

Expanded Two Thrones.

The Prince of Persia is set to return to PlayStation Portable this Christmas in a game based on the last console title, The Two Thrones, but with exclusive levels and multiplayer options.

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords is due out in Europe this Christmas and in the US in 2007 and is in development at Pipeworks Software (part of Foundation 9 Entertainment).

According to Ubisoft, the multiplayer elements will see one player take control of the Prince and the other grappling with his alter-ego the Dark Prince, racing through levels and activating switches to try and thwart the other player.

Otherwise the game is very similar to Two Thrones, with a single-player that sees the Prince return to Babylon after his angry sojourn to the Castle of Time, and includes refinements to the series' freeform fighting system along with lots of new and grisly ways to kill people. Check out our Xbox review of Two Thrones for more information.

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