Introversion talking to MS, Sony

Darwinia on Live Arcade?

Uplink and Darwinia developer Introversion is currently in negotiations with both Microsoft and Sony regarding the possibility of bringing its games to consoles.

"I'm afraid I can't really give you any concrete details at the moment - suffice it is to say that we are currently discussing a number of deal negotiations with Sony and Microsoft," Introversion's Vicky Arundel told Eurogamer.

That was prompted by questions raised in a SpikeTV interview with Introversion's Mark Morris, who pointed out that the file-size requirements for Xbox Live Arcade were "perfect" for Darwinia, which is only about 30MB in size on PC.

Introversion already has some experience delivering its games via digital distribution, too, having released Darwinia on Valve's Steam service recently.

Morris went on to say that he was "gonna talk to Microsoft and see what they say". By the sound of it, that's what they're discussing at the moment.

The UK-based developer, winners of Independent Games Festival awards at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Jose, is currently working on global warfare strategy game Defcon, which is now due out in September as we revealed recently.

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