Buy extra Guitar Hero controllers

Or see how you can mod them.

With Guitar Hero now out over here, RedOctane has announced the launch of the official website, where you can not only order the game directly but also order the controller separately - something the publisher hasn't previously offered.

Guitar Hero multiplayer puts you and a friend up against one another on the same track, and if you're similarly skilled it can be quite dramatic - so that's one potential reason to spend 29.99 on a spare.

Alternatively, you might just fancy smashing one of them up every now and then - like when you're trying to master the Hard songs and you realise your hands are utterly rubbish and you're a failure at life and I HATE IT I HATE IT.

Just head to to place an order.

Meanwhile, various people out on yonder turboweb have been scheming ways to get more out of the guitar, including a rather brilliant modification to use the controller as an instrument with a PC audio package.

The software for that is currently offline due to heavy traffic, but there's a video of it in action, showing how you can map banks of sound to the fret buttons and record sequences to loop. It even makes ingenious use of the tilt sensor - in the game, it's used to activate Star Power, whereas here it clears the last recorded sequence.

That's not all there is either, as Pixel Sumo has rounded up some other hacks including a wireless guitar mod, and even a way to use a real guitar as a Guitar Hero controller.

For more on Guitar Hero, check out last week's review.

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