Monkey Ball DS for Europe

Including Wi-Fi mini-games.

Along with The Rub Rabbits, SEGA this morning confirmed that it plans to release Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll in Europe on Nintendo DS next March.

We'll have full impressions up in the near future, but in the meantime here's a basic breakdown: there are around 50 new stages in the single-player Challenge mode, you can play it with the stylus if you prefer that to the d-pad, and there are six mini-games with wireless multiplayer options.

Those are Monkey Fight, Race, Golf, Bowling, Hockey and Wars. Each of the returning efforts boasts a different control system, but they're all fully 3d. Of the newcomers, Hockey is an air hockey game including a mode where you can use the stylus to draw your own paddle, and Wars is, um, a first-person shooter.

"The Nintendo DS touch screen allows for fluid, pin-point control, making this an ideal platform for the series," said SEGA's Scott Steinberg. We'll let you know if we agree with him in the near future!

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