SiN Episodes price-cut

Well worth a look.

Ritual is offering those of you who passed on SiN Episodes: Emergence an incentive to look again - the developer's cut the price to $14.95.

Available through Steam, the SiN Episodes package consists of the original SiN title and its multiplayer component, SiN Episodes: Emergence, the new Arena Mode, and the forthcoming SiN Episodes multiplayer element.

Plus of course Ritual will be supporting the games on an ongoing basis, as evidenced by the recent addition of Arena Mode - a high-score waves-of-enemies mode that plays out rather enjoyably - and the release of a Software Development Kit (SDK) suitable for mod-makers to work on.

Worth taking the plunge, then? At the price, almost certainly. It may have its flaws, but it's hard to deny the charm of something so purposefully retro.

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