Doom 3 due 'this summer'

Activision and Id Software confirm the PC version will be out "this summer".

Activision has issued a release this morning proclaiming that the PC version of Doom 3 will launch "this summer", following last night's impressive demonstration of the Xbox version at Microsoft's pre-E3 conference.

Although "summer" is still a pretty vague estimate, it's more than we've had in the past, despite the occasional muttering that the game would be ready "real soon now" or comments along those lines.

It also indicates that Doom 3 could launch quite close to Half-Life 2 after all, despite the myriad well-documented delays that have affected both titles. Well, "delays" probably isn't the word in a lot of cases, but they've hardly been the nippiest dogs on the track.

"Doom 3 is the most anticipated PC game of the year and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting its release," Activision Publishing CEO Ron Doonink. "id is delivering the most compelling horror gaming experience to date, so get ready for Doom."

Todd Hollenshead also chipped in. "This summer we're sending game fans on a first-class trip to Mars - with a layover in Hell. Doom 3 is coming to the PC and delivering the most atmospheric, terrifying and visually mind-blowing gaming experience ever conceived."

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