GDC: Legend of Zelda trailer

It's on Eurofiles now in QuickTime and WMV formats. Read about it and download it here.

One of the highlights of Satoru Iwata's keynote address at the Game Developers Conference yesterday was the sight of a brand new trailer for The Legend of Zelda on GameCube.

The next Zelda title, which is due out this year but which has yet to be given its full name, adopts a more mature visual approach than its predecessor The Wind Waker, harking back to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the N64.

But then you knew that. The new trailer though gives us more than a glimpse. Link is seen galloping across plains on horseback battling with other mounted enemies, pursued by pterodactyl-style enemies who swoop to attack him.

There's plenty of footage of him doing battle, and the combat system has not lost that emphatic little pause at the point of the Master Sword's connection; nor has Link lost his attacking zeal, leaping in with downward thrusting attacks, fighting ogres at sunset and worse.

The visuals are gorgeous, with sunshine streaming through canopies overhead and a moodier palette than you might expect from Wind Waker's follow-up, beautifully exploited with some lovely fire effects and plenty of character and environmental detail.

Link's animations seem to be pretty handy too - at one point he picks up what looks like a domestic cat, cradling it in his arms and then scampering off with the other cats, tails held aloft, scamper after him affectionately.

There's lots more to see, and you can see for yourself in either QuickTime or Windows Media Video formats, both of which can be found on Eurofiles right now.

Expect The Legend of Zelda to make a big impression at this year's E3 in two months' time.

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