Cube Wario Ware budget priced in the States

We're not saying you should import it on April 5th, but obviously we are saying you should import it on April 5th. Er?

The American GameCube version of Wario Ware will cost just $29.99 when it's released on April 5th according to Nintendo of America, which bodes well for its prospects here in the UK and Europe. Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Game$, to give it its full and rather clunky moniker, draws inspiration from the phenomenal Wario Ware GBA title (or "The best Nintendo game Miyamoto never worked on"), which was completely and unfairly overlooked by the vast majority of gamers and games hacks when it was released here last May.

The GBA Wario Ware, for those who missed it, basically had you completing a series of obscure and often inexplicable mini-games in sequence; having to quickly interpret a simple task and make use of the GBA controls before each game's five allotted seconds were up. And just one of the numerous moments of giddying brilliance to be found in Wario Ware was its two-to-a-GBA multiplayer modes, whose under-exposure no doubt contributed to the decision to make Wario Ware Cube more of a multiplayer title.

Although we couldn't get hold of Nintendo Europe this morning, presumably on account of all this rampant DS stuff that's doing the rounds, but we already know roughly what we'll hear: no info at the moment, and no confirmed release date. We're not picking on them or anything - that's just what they've said to our friends at C&VG. (Update: I was right!) For more info on Wario Ware Cube, 1UP has an excellent preview of the Japanese version which you can read here.

What's that, FreeLoader owners? You want to know where you can import it from on April 5th? Try TRONIX, NCSX, any of that lot...

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