Tron 2.0 gets an update

Tron 3.030... no wait, Tron 1.03... oh never mind.

Tron 2.0 has received an upgrade to version 1.030, which could well be vaguely confusing to those who know nothing about the game. But then, that would mean they wouldn't be interested in this story at all anyway. So erů Ahem. So what does it fix? Well you can skip the single player light cycle races without side effects, which to us seems a bit of a silly feature, there are a couple of multiplayer tweaks including the removal of an exploit that allowed the use of weapons other than the disc in Disc Arena/Tournament modes, and support for Intel 865G graphics chipsets. Super.

Along with the patch, Monolith has also released a level editor which requires the patch's installation before it can be used to create single and multiplayer maps. You can stop off at the usual places to pick up your goods, and here are 3D Gamers and Gamer's Hell links to get you started.

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