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Take-Two (sorry, Gathering) celebrates forthcoming release of H&D2.

To celebrate the release of Hidden & Dangerous 2 on October 24th, publisher Gathering has come out in a fit of generosity, releasing the Deluxe version of the first Illusion Softworks title onto the Internet for free. Just head here and you'll find a series of download mirrors for the 264MB file. Of course you're encouraged to pre-order the second game on the back of it (and receive H&D Deluxe on CD for your troubles), but, even if you don't end up doing that, it's still a top promotion. If only more companies did this. If mother publisher Take-Two is after suggestions, we'd quite like another bash on Max Payne? No? Oh well.

And while you're downloading, why not have a look at what we made of follow-up Hidden & Dangerous 2 in Kristan's recent impressions piece. We'll be bringing you our thoughts on the final release candidate very soon.

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