Unreal Tournament 2007

Now with added modifiability.

Midway has confirmed that the latest PC instalment in the UT series will launch next year, revealing that it will carry the title of Unreal Tournament: 2007 - despite rumours to the contrary.

"UT 2007 will be a major evolution for the series," said Midway bigwig Steve Allison.

"Fans will be blown away by the next-generation gameplay, modifiability and visuals."

Lead designer Steve Polge recently said the game marks "a real generational change" for the series, and "more of a leap than the original Unreal Tournament to UT2004." Hence they were considering dumping the year from the title and going for something new - but apparently they've decided against it.

New gameplay elements, more vehicles, better community support and vastly improved visuals are promised, as well as the all-new Conquest game mode. You can read a full preview on US website Gamespot, and see some images from the game here.

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