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Website launches.

As promised, Capcom has kicked open the door to its Devil May Cry 4 website, giving series fans a glimpse of how the game will look on PlayStation 3.

Not much of a glimpse admittedly - you'll be able to learn a lot more simply by tracking down the scanned screens from Famitsu Weekly lurking on web-forums.

That said, you can find some nice character artwork of playable anti-hero Nero and Dante, who in this game appears as something of an enemy, trying to prevent Nero and his pals resurrecting Sparda.

There's also the promise of screenshots and movies in the near future, with a 9/15 date stamped on a few boxes. Presumably leaving time for mag exclusives to run down.

For more of what we know about Devil May Cry 4, have a look at yesterday's coverage. GameInformer has a mag exclusive in the US, and has posted one screenshot online too.

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