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Juiced: Eliminator, the newly announced PSP version of THQ's mod-racer, will feature full wireless multiplayer as well as a full single-player component.

Pink Slip, Crew and Eliminator Wi-Fi multiplayer modes will all feature in the new version, as will the original single-player modes. No details have been released as yet on the new multiplayer stuff, but we trust you can use your imagination.

On the vehicle front, eight new cars are to be included, bringing the total number of those available to 60. Just to prove the conversion is no slouch in the environment stakes either, another eight tracks and eight new characters have been included over the full set of those appearing in the console versions.

Mod fans will get 100 new car parts to play with.

Juiced focuses on the now well-worn concept of modifying cars for street racing events, the series competing directly with EA's newly revamped Need for Speed franchise.

THQ's UK PR reps are all "out" today, so we can't bring you news on a release date for Juiced: Eliminator for Europe as yet, but as soon as we know, so will you.

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