Portal teaser site

Try cracking Aperture Science.

Speaking of Half-Life 2: Episode Two (I just was, you see), some of those Internet men - at 1UP - have uncovered a cryptic teaser site for Portal.

It's lurking at, and takes the form of a sort of DOS interface. You type LOGIN, then a name, then PORTAL as the password, and then you can cruise around. HELP advises you of what you can do, and APPLY seems to be the main thing that's available to run.

As Kristan points out, it's a bit like being interviewed by Thom Yorke. For the rest of you, it's a neat means to try and eke a bit more out about Portal, which is looking massively splendid in trailers, and suggests that the DigiPen graduates Valve hired for their work on Narbacular Drop were a good investment.

If you find anything good on the Aperture Science website, let us know eh?

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