NHL '07 demo on Xbox 360

Try out the new Skill Stick.

There's a demo of NHL '07 up now on Xbox Live Marketplace, and it slaps in at 541.39MB - the kind of slap you might experience after a minor indiscretion involving a secretary.

According to the description, you can "select your favourite player from the Edmonton Oilers or Carolina Hurricanes and see if you have what it takes to score the momentum-swinging goal". So hard to choose!

NHL '07, out this month, features a new "Skill Stick" system that allows you to control everything with the analogue sticks, and EA's also put a lot of work into AI - with "Player-Specific Behaviours" allowing you to adopt a particular player-type, be it Dangler, Grinder, Playmaker, Sniper, Power Forward, Offensive Defenseman or Defensive Defenseman.

NHL '07 is due out on Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP and Xbox from September 22.

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