Devil May Cry 4 details

Well, some. More tomorrow.

Capcom's started talking about Devil May Cry 4 in a bit more detail, with the game set to be unveiled (to some extent) when the Japanese website launches fully tomorrow.

In the meantime, reports out of Famitsu Weekly in Japan point to a game set between the first and second PS2 instalments, which those with good memories will already know.

Back then the team was mulling over a new female lead or a returning old one, according to producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, but now they've apparently settled on Nero. Dante will be in it though, and with a beard, judging by another Kobayashi piece in Famitsu this January.

In terms of Nero though, we're told to expect familiar mechanics, with Nero's right arm used to perform "devil actions". Ace. Kobayashi's previously said that the game would be pitched at a similar difficulty level to its predecessors too, to keep fans happy.

From the latest Famitsu update, we're also told that it will run at 60 frames per second, and that Yuji Shimomura will be doing the game's cut-scenes again. Expect more to emerge tomorrow, if not at the Tokyo Game Show.

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