Longest Journey sequel coming

Dreamfall to launch next month.

Empire Interactive has announced that the long awaited sequel to point-and-click adventure The Longest Journey will be released for PC and Xbox next month.

Titled Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the game will let you choose from three different playable characters - "smart and streetwise" Zoe Castillo, rebellious type April Ryan and Kian, a "mysterious and exotic assassin." Each character has their own unique playing style and set of abilities.

There are also three different worlds to explore. Stark is basically the Earth of the future, and you'll get to visit a variety of locations across a range of continents. Arcadia is a fantasy realm, complete with all manner of magic and weird creatures, and The Winter is described as "a mystical place outside of the boundaries of time and space, where a sinister black house holds a terrifying secret."

There's a bit of combat involved, and you can fight hand-to-hand, with a sword or using a quarterstaff. You'll learn all sorts of new moves as you progress through the game, plus a few stealthy techniques to help you avoid confrontations.

There are multiple paths to choose from, and you'll make both enemies and allies as you take part in epic quests and missions. Expect a few mini-games, too.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is out in May.

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