Ubisoft confirms Far Cry console title

It's a whole new game, apparently. Guess who's developing it.

With Far Cry PC currently towering over its contemporaries at the top of the UK PC Top 20, French publisher Ubisoft has today confirmed previous reports that console versions are underway, and surprised a few of us by announcing that the new games will showcase an entirely new adventure built on the same technology.

Back in February, German developer Crytek said an Xbox version was on the way "where Ubisoft produces all its good Xbox games," which seemed to point to Splinter Cell developer Ubisoft Montreal's involvement. Furthermore, Crytek executive veepee Faruk Yerli told us at ECTS last year that a PS2 version of the game might be on the cards.

Today, Ubisoft has done little other than to confirm that its Montreal studio is handling the new title, which will be known as Far Cry Instincts, and to state that it aims to deliver the same wide open environments and non-scripted AI that captured hearts and wallets in late March. Platform specifics aren't mentioned, but we reckon PS2 and Xbox are a safe bet, and Ubi does a decent enough job of supporting the Cube, so it's all possible.

One thing the publisher has done, however, is furnish us with a few screenshots, which show off some extremely lush foliage and lighting effects, in an engine that now looks somewhat reminiscent of the latest Splinter Cell title, Pandora Tomorrow.

Instincts is due out later this year - presumably in time for Christmas - and will no doubt form another spoke in the mighty wheel with which Ubisoft plans to steamroller everyone at next month's E3 trade show. The publisher has already announced a slew of new titles in recent weeks, and we're not even done writing up today's announcements. What is it about speedy Frenchmen?

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