Far Cry Instincts Evolution news

Details of the multiplayer modes.

With just a few weeks to go until Xbox title Far Cry Instincts Evolution hits the shops, more details of the game's multiplayer modes have been revealed.

There are five in total - first up is Chaos, which tasks you with killing a specific number of opponents. The first player to reach the target wins the match. Team Chaos works in the same way, but up to four teams can battle it out.

Then there's Steal the Sample, where you have to steal said sample from the enemy camp and return it to your own base to win a point. If you find yourself in a sticky situation while you're carrying the sample, you can toss it to a team-mate so they can make a run for it.

Predator sees you and your team attempting to reach a transmitter which sets off a sonic alarm. When the alarm goes off, the predator dies - but you'll have to travel through their territory to reach the transmitter.

And finally, Seek and Secure mode tasks you with locating the active station and holding it for your team. You have to keep the station secure until the time runs out.

So there you have it - oh, except there's a map editor, too. Far Cry Instincts Evolution is out on March 31st.

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