Silent Hill 4 gets subtitle

Shocking news about a shocking game.

What with its numerous malformed malformations running wild in teenage dreamscapes, Silent Hill is quite a gritty and affectingly morbid sort of game, and one which deserves a chilling moniker as it approaches its fourth eagerly anticipated iteration.

With the game probably due out sometime in the middle of 2004 (quick, badge that with "exclusive"!), our excitable friends at C&VG note that Konami US has copyrighted the name "Silent Hill: The Room", almost certainly for use with the next game in the series. Which doesn't really fit the bill, does it?

Konami, old chum, you need to come up with something scarier! Why not go the Pro Evo route with Silent Hill: Final Zombification? Or the Hollywood blockbuster franchise route with Destined 4 Silent Hill? At least go for something like Silent Hill: The Room of Death. The Room? Come on! Anybody out there got any better suggestions?

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